Grid 2 Teased by Codemasters; Announcement on 8th August


The previous rumors related to Grid's sequel seem to be coming true as Codemasters revealed a teaser trailer for Grid 2, earlier today. The trailer confirms that there indeed will be another Grid title and its announcement will be on 8th August.

The teaser trailer shows nothing related to what the new game will have to offer but there is a small CGI clip which shows a shiny car, with its wheels spinning across the road, which is later followed by a similar logo from the original Grid, but there is an addition of the number "2" on the logo. On 8th August, 2012, 'The Race Returns' as depicted by the trailer. The company also promoted the teaser trailer using their twitter account by tweeting "This looks... interesting?" with a traditional #TheRaceReturns.

Around a month ago, we reported a rumor, from the Official Xbox Magazine, that Grid 2 was in development, Codemasters was actively working on it and the fans were to expect a winter release, right after F1 2012. For now, it is just confirmed that Grid 2 will indeed be coming out and its release date will probably be confirmed in a week on 8 August, 2012.

Grid, an arcade racing simulation game which sits right in the middle of both; arcade racing and simulation. It was one of the few racing games that did something right, back in 2008. With its realistic gaming mechanics, different vehicle classes, ever so realistic punishing vehicle damage and to top everything off, the '10 second rewind mechanism'. The rewind feature allowed the players to rewind their races during a crash or making an untimely turn. This was an awesome addition for us not-so-seasonal racing fans who have a hard time in GT5 or Forza.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oWKbNFuONig&version=3&hl=en_US]


For the Grid fans, who have been dying to hear some sort of confirmation towards a sequel; they would just have to bear the patience, at least until next week for the announcement.