Gran Turismo 5 already released?

So in an interesting turn of event's Sony most awaited and delayed game "Gran Turismo 5" which has faced constant delays for the last 5 years is allegedly "out" but not in the way you think, Sony recently remade an old classic. "The Sly Collection" is an HD remake of all 3 old Sly Cooper games kind of like God Of War Collection, but one fan noticed that at the end of the manual Sony may have done a (MASSIVE) misprinting by saying "Gran Turismo 5 is Available Now". So was the games release THAT well hidden that there hasn't been a single news or review yet of one of Sony's best exclusives?

If it were a typo than its a pretty serious mistake which Sony has made especially considering the Sly collection is already on sale and only God knows how many fans have gone home with the game with these inaccurate manuals. Or maybe the rumors of Gran Turismo 5 coming on November 24th may actually hold some truth to them, or was this just a huge mistake on the printers end? Let's see what Sony has to say about this.

Source: NicGamers

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