Gotham Knights’ 4-Player “Heroic Assault” Mode Launches Tomorrow with a Strange Villain

Nathan Birch
Gotham Knights

While one of Gotham Knights’ big selling points is the ability to play as one of four Bat-universe heroes (Nightwing, Robin, Red Hood, and Batgirl) the main game oddly only allows two players to team up. Four characters, four-player co-op – it kind of seems like it should be a gimme, right? Well, thankfully, that option will soon be available.

We previously heard that Gotham Knights would be getting a 4-player co-op mode separate from the game’s main open-world campaign, entitled Heroic Assault, and now WB Games Montreal have revealed a first peek at the mode, which is set to launch tomorrow.

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Unfortunately, aside from the image above, which features the quirky Justice League villain Starro, not a lot of information about the new mode has been shared. This basic description is all we’ve got…

“Heroic Assault is an upcoming gameplay mode that is separate from the main story campaign. The standalone mode supports up to four players in online co-op and provides a dedicated arena-like environment with specific objectives to complete and enemies to defeat on each floor (30 floors total).”

Between the use of Starro and the promise of an “arena-like” environment, it’s pretty clear Heroic Assault is going to be largely separate from the rest of the Gotham Knights experience. Perhaps that might be a good thing. Wccftech’s Alessio Palumbo found Gotham Knights to be serviceable, but not up to the same level as past Batman games in his full review

“Gotham Knights is an enjoyable action RPG that follows in the footsteps of the Batman: Arkham legacy while striking out on its own in a slightly different direction. It's the most realistic Gotham City we've seen yet, even though the story is only serviceable and the performance is disappointing. Still, fans of the genre and the characters should have fun with the game.”

Gotham Knights can be played on PC, Xbox Series X/S, and PS5. The Heroic Assault update drops tomorrow (November 29).

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