Google Stadia Connect to Drop Launch Info This Week, Baldur’s Gate III Reveal Rumored


When Google Stadia was unveiled back in March, we got a lot of big promises about the new game streaming service, but not a lot of game announcements or specific details about price, release date, ect. Well, it seems we won’t have to wait much longer for that info, as Google has announced a date for the first-ever Stadia Connect. The stream will include game announcements, launch and pricing info, and more. Check out a quick teaser, below.

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For most gamers, the most exciting part of Stadia Connect will likely be the game announcements, so what can we expect to see? So far, only Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Doom Eternal and an untitled project from Q-Games (the PixelJunk series) are known to be coming to Stadia. Well, according to Liam Robertson, who’s been an accurate source of inside info in the past, Larian Studios’ heavily-teased Baldur’s Gate III will be unveiled during the show. Aside from that, Google has managed to keep their Stadia lineup mostly under wraps.

What are your thoughts? Which upcoming games would you like to see available via Stadia? I think Borderlands 3 would be a good fit, as it’s co-op, so people won’t be too upset about a few frames of extra input lag here and there. Ubisoft also seems to be on board with Stadia, so perhaps we’ll see Beyond Good & Evil 2 pop up again? Of course, Google is also working on it own original titles – it will be interesting to see what those might be.

Stadia Connect kicks off this Thursday (June 6) at 9am PT. You can watch the show on YouTube.

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