Google Will Look to Improve the Pixel Successor With Features Present in Samsung’s Flagships


Premium build, highly durable, and running stock Android were several perks of purchasing a Google Pixel. Unfortunately, there were other things missing from the flagship series of phones that we feel should have been present in a device that was being priced at a premium point for consumers. Naturally, the successor is going to be a more capable phone and it looks like Google has been rumored to further improve where it left off with the Pixel.

The Pixel Successor Rumored to Get Water-Resistance Rating That Comes With Samsung’s Flagships, Amongst Other Upgrades

One of the biggest gripes of the Pixel was it that it came with an IP57 certification. While no user would ever dare to take their expensive handsets near bodies of water, paying $649 for the base model does warrant a higher level of protection. Now, according to the latest information brought up by 9to5Google, the Pixel successor, or Pixel 2 is going to feature a higher water-resistance certification. We could be looking at a smartphone that’s IP68 certified, but we’ll update you more on the matter.

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In addition, the report also suggests that Google is testing out powerful variants of the Pixel successor that will fetch a higher price tag, but there is a possibility that the tech giant rolls out a cheaper variant of the handset, which is something that we personally will be looking forward to. The upcoming handset will also sport a much better camera sensor, but we should see better features such as hardware stabilization present in the device. If you’re paying $649 for a smartphone that doesn’t come with hardware stabilization but still has a world-class camera, perhaps the company isn’t thinking things through.

From what we can tell, the Pixel 2 will ship out with a Snapdragon 835 for the flagship model, but we’ll continue to update you when more leaks and rumors are brought forward. What sort of features do you think should be present inside the handset to make a near-perfect smartphone that runs stock Android? Let us know your thoughts immediately.