Google Pixel 5 Uses an in-Screen Front-Facing Speaker at the Top, According to Leaked Hardware Diagram


The Google Pixel 5 might not feature an in-screen fingerprint reader despite featuring a flexible OLED panel, but there might be one small detail that people might not have noticed. In fact, in addition to failing to highlight the near-pristine design of the flagship which comprises up of symmetrical bezels, Google didn’t highlight the fact that the Pixel 5 uses an in-screen front-facing speaker.

No Visible Top Speaker Can Be Seen in Leaked Google Pixel 5 Hardware Diagram

It’s just one of those things that happened to get missed since it’s honestly so minute, one can be forgiven for ignoring it. Regardless, we should commend Google on opting to use it since it refines the front side of the Pixel 5 even further. According to a leaked hardware diagram that was spotted on Reddit, which leads to Google’s support page for the newest Pixel models, you can see the labels that highlight each component on the Pixel 5.

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Normally, where centered punch-hole front-facing cameras are found, the top in-screen speaker appears to located in its place. According to the diagram, a microphone appears to be present at the top, but these components appear to be completely obscured, even in the renders present on the Google Store. It’s possible that Google is taking advantage of a piezoelectric speaker that vibrates the display in order to produce sound. Depending on the quality of the speaker, reviewers have mentioned that audio quality is better in some cases.

Regardless of the decision Google took in using an in-screen speaker on the Pixel 5, it does bother us that the company didn’t speak of these changes in the presentation. In case you’re wondering, support for mmWave 5G networks wasn’t talked about either, and this feature is present on both the Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G, despite their rather low asking price when compared to the competition.

We certainly appreciate the efforts Google’s hardware team made to present a high-quality crafted device, even though the punch-hole camera design is nothing out of the ordinary. Hopefully, the technology giant can give the same attention to detail in future products, and even if Google doesn’t mention those details in forthcoming presentations, you can always count on the internet to notice those changes.

News Source: Google Support