Display Analyst Explains How Google Used an OLED on the Pixel 4a and Still Manages to Sell It for as Low as $349


When Google officially launched the Pixel 4a, a lot of you may have been surprised at how the company incorporated an OLED panel on the mid-range beast while also stamping an affordable $349 price tag on it? The answer lies in the little details, with a display analyst commenting that it was the kind of OLED Google decided to use on its latest offering that helped maintain such a low price.

New Report States That Google Uses a Rigid OLED Panel for the Pixel 4a, Which Reduces the Overall Cost Significantly

Fresh insight from DSCC analyst Ross Young claims that instead of a flexible OLED panel, Google decided to employ the use of a rigid OLED for the Pixel 4a. The result? Massive production cost cuts to the point where each rigid OLED costs one-third the price of its flexible counterpart. Additionally, procuring a massive shipment of these OLED screens means that the manufacturer or manufacturers would have likely given Google an attractive discount.

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Young also states that Apple decided to go against a rigid OLED panel and opted for a flexible screen since it wanted to achieve a smaller chin bezel and source from different display manufacturers. This can mean that Google tapped just a single panel maker, though there’s currently no way of knowing this at the moment. He also mentions that flexible OLED screens would be beneficial for 5G-ready smartphones since the thinner form factor would mean thinner chips and the ability to add more antennas for improved reception quality.

Since the Pixel 4a only supports 4G networks, Young states that he agrees with this decision. His statement can also mean that the upcoming Pixel phones that will support 5G networks could feature flexible OLED screens, meaning they will likely fetch a higher price tag compared to Google’s latest mid-ranger. Overall, the hardware of the Pixel 4a is very promising, with early reviews praising the image quality of the camera while also stating that for the price, it’s a terrific device.

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News Source: Twitter (Ross Young)