Google’s Pixel 4 Finally Gets an Ultra Wide Camera Thanks to the Moment Lens

Pixel 4 Ultra Wide Camera Shots Are Now Possible Thanks to Moment Lens

Pixel 4 ultra wide camera shots aren’t possible because of one simple reason. It doesn’t have an ultra wide camera in the first place. Apparently, Google believes that adding a telephoto lens was more important. Of course, many consumers don’t agree as while you can still make do without a telephoto lens by cropping a photo or zooming in digitally, the zoom out effect cannot be faked. Also, adding an ultra wide camera to the mix means your smartphone becomes much more versatile. With the Moment Lens, that’s still possible.

Overall, the Pixel 4 is actually pretty good for photography, but a lack of an ultra wide camera means you cannot capture more of a scene. Most competing handsets, on the other hand, like the iPhone 11 do feature this unit, while being cheaper, and in most cases, more capable than the Pixel 4, according to night mode comparison shots. Thankfully for Pixel fans, Moment’s 18mm lens can now make Pixel 4 ultra wide camera shot captures possible. For those wondering what it is, it’s an add-on lens, which means you will have to attach it to the phone. You can get any of the company’s accessories for keeping your lens when you are on the move.

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The lens is made from metal and high-quality glass, which means you can look forward to crisp images. You can also choose from different focal lengths and it’s up to you which camera you want to attach the lens to. This is of course not a choice with embedded lenses, which means that you can actually get better results this way. On the flip side, you may notice some lens fare because of the large glass.

So, while it’s great news that Pixel 4 ultra wide camera shots will now be possible thanks to the intervention of Moment, not everyone will appreciate the fact that they are quite heavy and cost $100. The Pixel 4 isn’t an affordable handset on its own and ideally, the lens should have been there intrinsically. However, if you really want your Pixel 4 to take wide-angle shots, this is the price you will have to pay.

Will you consider getting a third-party lens for the Pixel 4? Let us know by commenting below.

Get the Moment Lens for your Pixel 4 or Pixel 4 XL

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