Google Photos Users Have Uploaded 50 Billion Images and Videos – Three New Features Introduced

Rafia Shaikh

Google introduced the new Google Photos service back in May and took over the world of images. Google Photos is undoubtedly one of the best services for storing, organizing and easily sharing your photos. Add in the ability of unlimited uploads at a high-resolution (since its launch, over 50 billion photos have been uploaded. Oh dear!) and you are in with a successful, user-favorite service. While we are all drooling over the Photos and how it made our lives super easy around the ton of images we capture every week, Google is now updating its Photos and improving it even further.

Three new Google Photos features:

Google Photos potentially transformed how we store and access our photos as it used machine learning to quickly understand the content of photos to help us search for them using keywords. Having been installed over 100 million devices and being a top 10 iOS app since its launch is only a small indication of its success and approval that came from all fronts. Not only an Android app, but Google Photos was equally loved by the iOS users as well. Today, the big G talked about three new features of its photos services:

  • Chromecast support
  • Private labeling of people in your photos
  • Shared albums

Getting its first major update today, Google Photos will now include support for Chromecast and more relevant to us, the ability to add name labels to photo collections of our loved ones. You can label the collections of faces  which will be done very privately so Google can't use the data for its own purposes. However, once added, this labeling will make search even more powerful as you can use the keywords including the names of people in your photos to quickly get pictures of your sibling or a particular friend at a specific occasion.

Google Photos will also introduce a new feature allowing your friends to join and contribute to your albums, much like Apple's photo streams. Unlike Apple's Photo Stream though, Google Photos album sharing feature will be cross-platform like the app itself. Once your friends join your photo album, they will be notified whenever new photos are added to the album, which they can add to their own cloud libraries. This particular feature isn't arriving before the end of this year.

Yep, these aren't any huge improvements to Google Photos but then we can't help enjoy any new bits and pieces added to this awesomely user-centered photo service. Have you been using Google Photos on your Android and iOS devices? Share your thoughts with us.

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