Google Photos Labels Black Couple As ‘Gorillas’; Really Google?

When Google announced its updated Photo app, users all around were excited to hear about its new features. With the ability to better manage your photos and nearly unlimited storage, Photos provided an efficient way for everyone to store, manage and organize their snapshots. But looks like not everyone's impressed with the new app's 'search' feature that allows users to search photographs simply by using appropriate tags and labels. In fact, for one twitter user, @jackcalcine, the app churned out some downright embarrassing results.

Google Photos Labels Users As Gorillas - Makes Company Issue Apology

As you can see in the image above, when twitter user jackyalcine decided to use Google's Photos app to organize his pictures, what he got in return wasn't what he was expecting by any means. A photograph of him and his friend has been labelled by Google Photos as 'Gorillas', sparking a severe outrage from the user, as should be the case. Applications naming people as animals should not happen anywhere, particularly given how sensitive an issue racism has become over the past couple of months.

Google engineer, Yonatan Zunger was quick to respond to jackyalcine's outrage and asked for the user's permission to access his information so Google could further investigate the matter. He was also quick to announce that Google's already rolling out a fix for the issue, which should have gone live by now. Several users were quick to join jackyalcine in his outrage, with tweets showing sympathies following the post. All in all goes to show how much work every application rolled out needs, even from software giants the likes of Google. Kudos for Google for fixing the issue as soon as possible, with Zunger staying in touch with jackyalcine constantly for updates. Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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