Google Maps Launches on Apple Watch, But it’s Not What You Think it is

Google Maps arrives on Apple Watch once again

A new Google Maps update is available on the App Store right now which brings the app to the Apple Watch. It's totally not what you expected.

Google Maps Makes a Comeback to Apple Watch in Latest Update on App Store

A long time ago, Google Maps was made available for the Apple Watch only to be discontinued in a short while. But a while back, Google announced that Google Maps will make a return to the Apple Watch and today it has done well on that promise.

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If you were hoping that you would finally get the complete Google Maps experience right on your wrist, just like Apple Maps, then allow us to calm you down and tell you how wrong you are. Instead, the Apple Watch part of the app serves as a companion to the main app. It's only there for navigation and will give you turn by turn directions to your destination in text. Yes, text. No fancy vector maps here, sorry.

Personally, I would have loved it if Google brought the complete Maps experience to the Apple Watch, finally ridding us all from Apple Maps on our wrist. But for some reason, the company is sticking with this decision and one which will ultimately sink in as a good one for most users. Sure, looking at a proper map on a display makes the whole experience that much better, but if you are just navigating then plain text might do as well.

If you already have Google Maps installed on your iPhone then simply install the latest update from the App Store and the app will appear right away on your Apple Watch. If you don't have anything installed, then today might be a fine day to get started with Mountain View's mapping solution. Just tap on the link below on your iPhone and you will be taken straight to the App Store from where you can download the app absolutely free.

Download Google Maps for iOS [App Store link]

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