Google Is Not Happy With the Changes Samsung Made to Android Kernel


When it comes to making changes to any aspect of Android, Google is pretty straightforward and in some cases, strict as well. After all, Google wants all the OEMs to follow that too. In the past, we have seen several instances of Google issuing warnings to OEMs for not following the directions that it has provided, including the likes of Samsung as well as LG.

Samsung Has Made Some Change to Android Kernel

Turns out Samsung is in hot water again as they have made some changes to the core kernel of the Galaxy A50 and it seems that Google is not pleased by this change. As per Google, these changes were not needed, and they are only going to create a threat to the phone's security instead of improving it.

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This change was highlighted by Jann Honn, who is a team researcher at Google's Project Zero. The change that Samsung made is supposed to prevent an attacker from reading or making any changes to the user data. While on paper, it does not sound bad, but in practice, it does not work the same way. According to Jann Honn, this change is "futile" and will only make the phone's security more vulnerable.

He continues and talks about how this mechanism is not going to provide any sort of protection that is vital, and will only work against blocking rooting tools that are not modified specifically for Samsung phones.

Mr Honn also went on and talked about how he discovered a bug which affects the Samsung's Process Authenticator subsystem, however, the bug has been patched ever since.

Last but not the least, a warning was issued to Samsung as well as other OEMs regarding how it is not the right thing to make changes to the Android kernel. Granted, OEMs normally want to do things the right way, but things do not always work as they intended.

After this warning, it seems like Samsung is going to stay away from making more changes to the Android kernel, as they should. The entire report on this error can be found in the source that is linked below so you can have a proper understanding of what went wrong.


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