Lookout Uber! Google’s Autonomous Cars Are Getting A Fully Dedicated Company


According to a report from Bloomberg Business, today ; Google is thinking of making a whole new company for its self-driving cars project that has been going on for quite some time now. The new company will become a subsidiary of the Google parent Alphabet next year, and it cannot stay put without making any money. So the project will have to start making money at one point and that may be in the form of a ride hailing service, which has been reported by Bloomberg.

Google will dedicate a whole company to its driverless cars

The whole system would consist of both large and small autonomous vehicles and it should be started off from small areas such as campuses, mainly because of the lesser licensing requirements and also as a test service. Managing these vehicles in smaller areas is particularly easier as compared to managing them on public roads, plus they will need a lot more licensing and proofs that their self-driving cars will not be a road hazard.

There had been previous hints about Google’s self-driving cars being used as a cab or ride sharing service, but this is the first time that the plan is actually forming into something. If Google goes ahead with this plan than they might be faced with some serious competition such as Uber, who is also looking at the same kind of service. Self-driving cars will obviously need the licensing requirements first but when they do get them it will be an all-out war of who gets the most people on board with their idea. Google may have really good ideas and all but Uber may beat them in the ride sharing and cab service, time will tell.

Google’s starting target market, the campus riders will give a lot of ideas to Google on how to make this technology better and the cars will get plenty of miles under their belt. The company will be able to know a lot about customer preferences and a lot of their concerns too when they’ll be picked up by a driverless car. This will be a great initiative if it goes through and will hopefully do a lot good for the autonomous car industry as a whole.  Let us know what you think about this plan in the comments below.