Google Home Gets Preview Program Offering Early Access To New Features, Here’s How You Can Sign Up For It

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Google has finally opened a Preview Program for Google Home users that will let them use the upcoming firmware features before the public rollout. This program was previously restricted to Chromecast users. Alongside using the new features, users will also be able to give feedback that will allow Google to squash the bugs if any.

The program seems like any other beta program maintained by Google, but it is not beta software, and the new features under it will be of “same quality as production version updates.” Google has simultaneously updated its Preview Program support page to show the inclusion of Google Home to the supported devices. A Google spokesperson told Forbes that the Preview Program is currently full with new slots to be available in the future. Regardless of the availability, Google Home users can sign up for the program.

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Here's how you can sign up for the Google Home Preview Program

  • Open Google Home app on your device
  • Tap on the hamburger menu (three horizontal lines) icon on the left and select "Devices."
  • Now, tap on the Google Home device that you want to enrol and choose the device and then again tap on the Menu > Settings > Preview Program

If the Preview Program option is greyed out or disabled, then that means Google is not accepting new entries currently. If the option is available, then you can sign up for it. You will also be allowed to enable or disable notifications on email. If you want to receive the alert for new features added to the program, then it is advisable to enable email notifications. To enable email notifications, sign into your Google account > Join Program > OK. To disable email notifications, open the Google Home app > Menu > Account preferences > Email notifications > slide the Preview email slider to the left.

How to send feedback

To send feedback for the Preview Program features, you just have to say “OK Google, send feedback.” and then record your feedback that will be sent to the Google Home support team. You can also send feedback via your Android or iOS device, just ensure that your device is on the same WiFi network as Google Home.

On Android, open Google Home app > Menu > Help and Feedback > Submit Feedback Report > select the device > enter your email address in the form section and then enter your feedback > if you have screenshots to share then check the box “Include screenshot and logs.” > tap the arrow icon on the right to send feedback.

Follow the same instructions to send feedback via your iOS device.

How to Leave Google Home Preview Program

To exit from the preview program, open Google Home app > Menu > Devices > Select the device that you want to remove > Settings > Preview Program > Leave Program.

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