Google Home Mini Goes Official with New Features at $49 to Rival Amazon Echo Dot

Zara Ali
Google Home Mini Pixel 2 XL

After waiting for a year, we finally have new Home devices from Google. Thanks to the leaks, we had a fair idea what could come out of today's launch, i.e. Google Home Mini. It is Google's answer to Amazon's Echo Dot with a competitive price tag of $49.

The newest member of the Google Home family. It is covered in mesh and lights are pretty visible on it as the device answers to your queries. You can also connect Mini with any Chromecast-enabled speakers for higher sound output. It has got all the goodness of Google Home but at a smaller price tag. Google Home Mini will be coming to all the seven Home countries.

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Kid-friendly voice recognition, available from October 19

Google Home Mini has multi-user voice recognition, so if you and your partner are summoning the Assistant, then it answers seamlessly. It is not just meant to play music; instead, it can be used to access Assistant in more rooms at your home to give news updates, listening podcasts, and controlling other Google-connected products like Chromecast audio speakers.

The new Google Home Mini will be released on October 19, and it will be up for sale via major retailers in current markets where Home products are available. It will be up for grabs in Gray (Chalk), Black (Charcoal), and Red (Coral) color variants. Preorders for the Home Mini will start today.

Thanks to the earlier leak by Walmart, we have some pictures of the Home Mini. Take a look!

Google Home Mini Pixel 2 XL
Google Home Mini Pixel 2 XL
Google Home Mini Pixel 2 XL
Google Home Mini Pixel 2 XL
Google Home Mini Pixel 2 XL

Google Home Mini is all about rivalling Amazon's Echo Dot. The original Google Home featured decent speakers that were good enough to fill a standard room with audio. On the contrary, the Home Mini drops those speakers and focuses on the Assistant alone for handling voice responses. Of course, the price tag makes up for all the things missing.

Design-wise, Home Mini features a circular design with a plastic base and fabric top. Google claims that this material is light and sturdy, and allows light and sound to pass through it. On the top of the device, you get volume controllers and assistant (just tap on it). At $49, Google wants Home Mini to be a replacement for the original Google Home as you can put these in each room.

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