Google Home Max Suffers From AUX Audio Latency Issue, Fix is In Works

Google's recently launched Home Max speakers seem to have run into an audio issue. According to a report from Variety, the Home Max speakers are plagued by a bug that is causing audio delay when using the 3.5 mm AUX-in port.

At its launch, Google promoted the AUX-in port as Home Max's advantage as the port can be used to plug other audio devices into the Home Max through a stereo cable. With the AUX option, the Home Max stands above other Home speakers that only support WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. Now, Google Home Max seems to be falling short of all the claims due to the latest bug that is causing audio latency when Home Max's AUX port is in use.

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Google started shipping the Home Max earlier this month after unveiling it in October at the Pixel event. The company has marked the Home Max as its premium offering in the smart home audio segment. Priced at $399, the Google Home Max speakers could be an ideal choice for the users who want all kind of connectivity options with premium sound quality and portability.

Even bigger issue for audiophiles who are into music creation

With this new bug, potential users who are considering the device for its AUX output may reconsider the buy. Especially the buyers who are into audio mixing or are professional DJs. For such users, audio latency issue could pose a big problem as they won't be able to get correct previews while mixing or creating a new beat. Even worse, there will be an issue with matching the beats.

Google has acknowledged the issue

Thankfully, just like it does for the problems that keep appearing in the Pixel 2 lineup, Google has acknowledged the audio latency issue on the Home Max too. The company also notes that there won't be any issues when synchronizing audio between two Google Home Max units. For now, Google has not revealed a timeline for rolling out a fix for audio latency issue. We will report when it does.

News Source: Variety

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