Google Glass Job Openings Hints A Family Of Incoming Products

While Google Glass may have been dismissed as a commercial failure, there are several companies that intend of replicating a similar product for the masses. Intel and a Chinese chipmaker called AllWinner (AllWinner is currently in the process of releasing a better smart wearable, which will only cost $199) are most likely going to release a smart wearable in the near future, but it looks like they are going to have to expedite their operations. This is because the latest rumor from Business Insider suggests that Google might be preparing to release a group of products that fall under Google Glass.

Upcoming Google Glass Being Called Google Glass 2.0; Products Are Expected To Target A Broader Market

In Google’s job listings, openings have sprouted up that require individuals for the following positions:

  • Audio Hardware Manager
  • Human Factors Designer
  • RF Systems Engineer
  • Hardware Automation Engineer (Manufacturing)

The description of these job openings are quite interesting. Starting off with Audio Hardware Manager; the source states that:

“Lead the development and execution of audio hardware solutions in new products and concepts.”

Similarly, the description of Human Factors Designer is as follows:

“From the field of human factors to inform design direction. Conduct research in human factors and related fields such as anthropometry, ergonomics, biomechanics, etc.”

Due to Google X labs being upgraded to an entire separate entity, it is possible that Google was forced the delay the smart headwear project till it could properly expand the aforementioned division in to making something far more capable than the original Google Glass. Since there are going to be a family of products (or so they say), it is possible that each Google Glass is going to be targeted to a different price group, allowing more consumers to get hold of the upcoming wearables.

The original Google Glass was tagged for a price of $1500, which is far too steep, considering majority of consumers suffer from financial constraints. Unfortunately, the significant details concerning how many Google Glass products, their actual release date and price tags have not been stated at this current time. It is possible that a hint of revelations will be made available during this year’s Google I/O event, but since no source has mentioned this, it is impossible to confirm what Google’s plan is at this current time.

Image source: Forbes

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