Google Lists eSIM Manager App on Play Store, Here’s What You Need To Know About eSIM Card


Google Pixel 2 and Pixel XL smartphones come with support for Embedded SIM cards aka eSIM. However, not much has been spoken about this feature on the phone. Here's what you need to know about the eSIM and Google's newly listed eSIM Manager app on the Play Store.

What is an eSIM?

For all those who don't know, eSIM is a SIM card integrated into the smartphone. It comes in the form of an embedded SIM chip that is not removable. It is also known as eUICC (embedded Universal Circuit Card). The information stored on this chip is entirely rewritable, which means that a user has the freedom to change the carrier whenever he wants, just by placing a simple phone call. It saves the users from getting a new SIM card when they change the carrier, the whole purpose of an eSIM is to promote mobility of networks. Absolutely no physical swapping involved here.

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One of the other advantages offered by an eSIM is that it works well for the OEMs when it comes to the design of a smartphone. An eSIM takes away the requirement of a SIM card slot with SIM tray inside it. This is the reason why Apple Watch 3 comes with eSIM support as it helps in its design.

eSIM Manager app by Google

eSIM Manager app

Today, Google listed the eSIM Manager on the Play Store (direct link). This app helps the device in managing carrier profiles on an eSIM with the help of an interactive user interface. The app is in its nascent stage and only features carrier page that shows the information about what service is currently active, along with an option named “Available carriers.” The app also lets users remove all the listed carriers and check their device's EID number.

The screenshots available in the Play Store listing show the app running on a Pixel 2 smartphone. The app description is rather imprecise and reads,“only available on select Android devices.” For now, the app does not seem helpful as only limited devices have the eSIM functionality. But, we think it will come up as one of the main apps when OEMs start bringing devices with the eSIM chip.

Google has been pretty active in listing system apps on the Play Store. Last week, the company listed the Pixel and Nexus battery app to the Play Store.