Google Accidentally Releases a “Confidential Internal Only” Update to Pixel XL


Googlers aren't as lucky as normal customers to get polished software updates as they are often treated as guinea pigs by the company to test updates before they are released to the beta program or the public. But hey, they do get to enjoy early features so what's there to complain about... But, when these non-stable updates somehow reach to Google customers, there is a lot to complain about especially if the said update doesn't even bring any awesome, mind blowing, earth shattering features.

Google's Dogfood Android Security May 2017 test build accidentally released

With its continued struggle to keep Googlers and customers apart, Google has inadvertently released a May 2017 security update titled "confidential Googlers-only OTA” to normal Google Pixel XL owners. Carrying the build number N2G470, the update doesn't bring any visible changes. However, AndroidPolice reports that one tipster said he received the new Play Store UI after this update.

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Since Android 7.1.2 Nougat was recently released, May 2017 security release isn't expected to bring any new features, except for regular security and performance bug fixes.

"You may use your device normally but do not discuss or comment on this update externally," the update warns Googlers making reference to an internal "dogfood-discuss" feedback system. Too late for that, Google.

Today's reports of internal software update accidentally released to the public follow a similar story from last month when the search giant rolled out an unfinished Google Drive for Windows update, breaking Drive for several users. Last year, Nexus 6P users had also received an internal build of Android 7 Nougat ahead of its official launch.

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