Google Assistant Made Easier With Search Bar For Commands and App Integrations

Zara Ali

Google Assistant has always been a welcome addition to our smartphones. Now, Google is making it even more helpful by introducing a search bar that makes discovering new commands and integration easier than ever. By adding this, users just need to type the name of the function and they will get a list of all the first-party and third-party apps available for it, along with commands.

Earlier, finding commands for different tasks was difficult because Google itself was not maintaining the list. With the addition of search bar, users no longer need to look for specific commands on the internet, just search for the task and you will get relevant information with commands and direct links to integrated apps.

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For example, when you type "light" in the search bar, it will show the name of all the apps with Google Assistant integration like Hue, SmartThings, Honeywell, Lifx,, SigmaCasa, and more. The search bar can be accessed from the blue icon in the top left corner. It makes it easier to browse through all the Assistant integrations.

Google Assistant search bar
Google Assistant search bar
Google Assistant search bar
Google Assistant search bar

With the inclusion of the search bar, users no longer go through a stack of cards to find the service they are looking for. Instead, there is now a simple list to do a quick run. You can type search terms like "alarm", "sport," "recipe," and others to find the potential service. After finding the suitable service, you can try it right away if it does not require account setup first or you can simply link your account to start with the voice commands. The search bar makes discovering apps a lot easier. You can also learn about different commands that you can give to third-party music apps like Spotify to play your preferred playlist.

The search bar in the Google Assistant and Google Home seems visible to everyone now so you can try it right away. It comes under the "Explore" tab that enlighten you about services available with Google Assistant. The other tab, "Your Stuff" houses the services that you have been using.

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