Google Could Be Releasing a Pair of Headphones That Can Run Google Assistant – Code Leaks Reveal Ton of Info

Omar Sohail
Google Assistant running headphones

Competition is a very good thing for consumers these days as it forces tech companies to bring out the best in their creativity and functionality to create a viable product. According to a leaked Android code string, Google might be onto something as far as a pair of headphones is the key topic but it looks like they might not be just any ordinary headphones, but those that can run Google Assistant.

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The codename of these Google Assistant headphones have been revealed to be ‘Bisto’ and according to details posted by 9to5Google, we could be looking at an AirPods competitor.

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<string name=”bisto_magic_pairing_assistant_prop_text”>”Your headphones have the Google Assistant. Ask it questions. Tell it to do things. It’s your own personal Google, always ready to help.”</string>

Using these pair of headphones, it has been leaked that users will be able to play and reply to notifications verbally.

<string name=”bisto_device_notification_access_pref_summary”>Allows spoken notifications on your headphones</string> <string name=”bisto_device_notification_access_pref_title”>Turn on Notification access</string <string name=”bisto_device_notifications_pref_summary”>Hear incoming notifications read aloud</string>

<string name=”bisto_device_tutorial_pref_summary”>Get tips on how to talk to your Assistant, get notifications, and reply to messages</string>

Physical buttons on headphones might also be present on this Google Assistant accessory. It is possible that there is a dedicated button for enabling Google Assistant, as well as the option to bring it up through voice activation.

<string name=”expand_bundle4_1″>To hear them, press the Google Assistant button.</string> <string name=”expand_bundle4_2″>Press the Google Assistant button.</string> <string name=”expand_bundle_1″>To hear them, press and hold the top button.</string> <string name=”expand_bundle_2″>Press and hold the top button.</string>

<string name=”voice_query_wrong_button4″>To talk to me or ask me a question, press and hold the Google Assistant button on the left earcup while talking.</string>

While using these headphones, users could also receive OTA firmware updates.

<string name=”bisto_magic_pairing_assistant_prop_title”>Meet your Google Assistant</string> <string name=”bisto_magic_pairing_connected”>Connected</string> <string name=”bisto_magic_pairing_connecting”>Connecting…</string> <string name=”bisto_magic_pairing_notification_text”>then set up your Google Assistant on these headphones</string> <string name=”bisto_magic_pairing_notification_title”>Connect %1$s</string>

<string name=”ota_apply_action”>Update</string> <string name=”ota_applying_notif_text”>”Your headphones won’t be available for a few minutes</string> <string name=”ota_applying_notif_title”>Updating %1$s</string> <string name=”ota_fail_notif_text”>Try restarting your headphones. To troubleshoot, visit the Help Center.</string> <string name=”ota_fail_notif_title”>”Can’t update headphones”</string> <string name=”ota_notification_description”>Bisto firmware update</string> <string name=”ota_ready_notif_text”>New features and fixes are available</string> <string name=”ota_ready_notif_title”>Update %1$s</string> <string name=”ota_up_to_date_notif_text”>Your headphones have been updated and are ready to use</string> <string name=”ota_up_to_date_notif_title”>%1$s connected</string>

This is a very interesting revelation but since this is just another leak, it is yet to be confirmed if Google is going to entertain a release of this product or not. We will keep you in the loop of what’s to come in the future so stay tuned for more.

News Source: 9to5Google

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