Google Assistant Now Works With 5,000 Different Smart Home Devices, More to Be Added Soon


Ten years ago, if you told someone that you spoke to your lights to switch them off, you'd promptly be carted off to a loony bin and put in a padded cell with a straitjacket. Today, it's actually possible, thanks to the Google Assistant and the plethora of devices it supports. Everything ranging from home alarm systems to dishwashers is operable via voice commands, thanks to the likes of the Google Assistant, Alexa and others. In today's blog post, Google announced that they've rolled out Assistant functionality for over 5,000 Smart Home devices:

Over the past year, we’ve made great progress ensuring that the Google Assistant can work with all types of connected devices, and now every major device brand works with the Assistant in the U.S.

Just how many devices is that? Today, the Google Assistant can connect with more than 5,000 devices for your home—up from 1,500 this January. That includes cameras, dishwashers, doorbells, dryers, lights, plugs, thermostats, security systems, switches, vacuums, washers, fans, locks, sensors, heaters, AC units, air purifiers, refrigerators, ovens … we can keep on going!

At CES 2018, the Google Assistant worked with around 1,500 supported devices. A three-fold rise in the number of devices within the span of a few months is impressive and an indicator of how much the priority Google has given its virtual assistant. The best part is, more devices are to be added soon.

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We’ve been working with device brands around the world to ensure the Assistant works with all the most popular smart home devices. We recently announced support for IKEA lights and Deutsche Telekom’s Magenta hub which enables dozens of devices to be controlled by Google Assistant. Our partners are continuing to add even more devices that work with the Google Assistant across the home in the coming months, including ADT lights and thermostat, Xiaomi lights, Hunter Douglas window treatments, Hisense’s H9E Plus and H9100E Plus TVs, Portable AC and Dehumidifiers, Arlo security cameras, and new LG appliances, which include everything from air purifiers to TVs.

All the supported devices can be controlled via your smartphone or a Google Home and Assistant-enabled third-party Smart Speakers.

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