Google App v7.20 Hints at Custom Hotwords, Duo Compatibility for Smart Displays and More

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With the latest Google App update, Google aims to make the Google Assistant more receptive to different hotwords. The Google Assistant currently responds to "Hey Google" and "OK Google". Soon, users might be able to set their own hotword to interact with the Google Assistant. Soon, you might be able to say "Hello Google", "Oi Google" and "Namaste Google" instead. For now, "Hey Google" and "OK Google" are here to stay, and you can add only one additional phrase, but we're certain that the number will increase soon. It isn't a game changer per se, but it's a step in the right direction to encourage people to interact more with their Google Assistant.

Video calling for Smart Displays via Google Duo

Smart Displays might seem like nothing more than a glorified tablet with a speaker slapped on to it, but they're here to stay, and we're just going to have to accept that. The latest Google app update brings video calling ability to Smart Displays via Google Duo. We don't know anything about multi-user support just yet, only the confirmation that Google Duo will be the go-to app for video calling on a smart display.

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Notifications, reminders and slideshows on Smart Displays

The latest update might give Smart Displays the ability to display notifications. It's still work in progress, but we will get it sooner or later. Additionally, you will be able to view all your reminders on your Smart Display. Another cool feature that the update brings is the ability to turn your Smart Display into a digital photo frame by cycling through your photos. You can even pause at an image that piques your interest and swipe away an embarrassing one.

Better order tracking

There is no denying the fact that Google's order tracking system is a little underwhelming, and is often inaccurate. However, it looks like Google is attempting to remedy that with a better, more real-time order tracking system, that'll be a part of the latest update.


The latest update lets your sync your Podcasts with your Google account and plays them on all connected devices. There is also a likelihood of the play time being synced, so you can continue from where you left off when changing devices. Also, Podcasts will be automatically removed 30 days after they are downloaded or 24 hours after they're completed.

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