Glitch Causes the Google App to Open the Volume Slider When Searching for ‘9a Songs’

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Not too long ago, we discovered a glitch in the Google app that showed you your texts when you searched for a particular string of text.  The particular glitch was a finicky one and couldn't be reproduced across all devices. Google issued an explanation and a fix for the big, citing flawed language recognition as the cause. Today, a Reddit user found another minor bug in the Google app, which invokes the volume slider when you search for "9a song" in the search bar. The bug merely opens the volume slider and doesn't attempt to adjust it. The same result is reproduced when you key in the query into the Google Assistant. At this point, we don't know the cause of the bug, which could likely occur due to the app misinterpreting the query.


However, unlike bug, the number of keywords that can trigger this is way higher. I spent a good five minutes coming up with different combinations of letters and numbers which included digits followed by song (it even worked for digits followed by music in a few instances), and almost all of them ended up showing me the volume slider. I even had some of my friends try it on their devices, and again, unlike the bug, it was reproducible on every single device. The devices include my Galaxy S9+, a OnePlus 5T, a Galaxy S7+ and a Nexus 6P.

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Strictly speaking, the bug is little more than a minor annoyance and can be fixed via an OTA update. Exactly how many such bugs exist within the Google app remains to be seen. For regular users, the only way is to stumble upon it is purely random. Hopefully, Google dedicates some resources to patching such minor hiccups once and for all as the ones we've discovered so far are harmless, but it might not necessarily hold true for future discoveries.

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