Google+ now added an automatic video enhancer to their features

Thanks to the handheld devices, videos are now much more common than ever a fore. We do expect the quality not to be so good sometimes but Google + has now done rather really different to make it look good. Google, being successful in its automatic image editor which makes it looks better habitually has now announced a new feature to its Google+ portfolio. Where YouTube allows its customers to auto fix the video “option”, it was inevitable for Google+ not to come up with something of a similar nature. Its backup system automatically enriches the video quality made by the handheld devices such as tablets, mobiles etc. Since almost two years, it has been doing the same with the images that are uploaded on plus

You Can Now Post Videos on Social Media with Enhanced Colors,Lighting and Stability.

Here, automatically don’t literally means that it doesn't seek your permission before making changes to the video you just made. Each time Google now thinks that there’s a need of change in the video,  Google+ App pops up on the screen that makes sure whether you want the changes in the video or not. Else you can go for an automatic update of the video if you want it that way. Once you opt for the update choice, it shows to you what changes it has made and you can ask for alterations in a more profound way. This feature allows you to have better looking videos that you can post on social media freely.

With Google+ you can now enhance colors, lightening and stability of the video uploaded. However YouTube also allows the change in contrast and saturation etc. which Google+ has not yet added to this new feature in their basket. This feature is currently available at Windows, Mac and Chrome. Google seem to be in a battle of competition because it announced this news soon after Facebook announced an auto enhancing feature in the photo section.

Coming back to the features, once you are done with the changes, you can have a before and after comparison of the two videos with and without changes. These changes can also be applied on the videos made formerly by uploading it on the Google+ website containing this application. It is expected to have speech enrichment in videos option by Google + in the near future. Here's a little preview of the video comparison (credits to the video maker)



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