Google Accidentally Charged Some Fi Subscribers Double During Their Pixel 3 Sale


Google Fi (formerly Project Fi) has been largely under the radar for the most part. Google often has sales and promotions bundled with Project Fi plans, and their latest one left many consumers fuming. Last Google Fi celebrated its fourth birthday by holding a one-day half off sale on the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. Many customers that purchased phones on financing plans are now being charged the full price of their devices.

Only customers who purchased Pixel 3 and 3 XL phones from Fi via the seem to be affected. It is unclear if other purchases are affected at this point. Several customers are claimed that they received no notification of the billing error. Several users have been charged as much as $500 for the Pixel 3 XL, and more for those that may have purchased multiple devices via the promo.

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The official Google Fi community page and Reddit are abuzz with disgruntled customers. Several people have claimed that Google's billing issues have resulted in overdraft fees and other costs. While Google can offer a refund for the extra amount they charged, it is unlikely that it'll cover these charges.

Some people were able to secure manual refunds from Fi's support representatives for the said fees, there have been some instances of Google not refunding the tax on the erroneous charge. The problem is that if users complain to their bank about the error, their account can be flagged by Google for 'security' reasons. That could lead to a completely different set of problems which involve getting locked out of Payments resulting in users not being able to pay their bill or allowed to port over their number to another carrier. Based on the responses on the support thread, Google still appears to be 'working on' the issue. It'll be interesting to see how Google handles refunds for charges such as overdraft fees.

News Source: Android Police