New God of War PC Update 1.0.5 Adds New Features and Fixes DLSS Sharpening Slider Issue; AMD Performance Issues Identified


God of War PC update 1.0.5 has been rolled out, adding new features to the PC port and addressing an issue with the recently-introduced DLSS sharpening slider. 

Last week's 1.0.4 update added a DLSS sharpening slider, which allowed players to adjust the level of sharpening, in turn, fixing some issues that players encountered with NVIDIA's rendering tech. The new patch for the popular PC port fixes an issue that prevented the feature from being disabled when setting the slider to “0”. In addition, this new update packs various other fixes and adds a total of 3 new features to the game, including a new mouse precision mode. 

New God of War PC Update 1.0.9 Improves AMD Performance During Heavy Load and Packs Several New Features

Down below you'll find the official release notes, as shared by Sony Santa Monica and Jetpack Interactive.  

As also shared by the development team, the issue that causes performance issues with AMD hardware has been identified, and the team is currently looking for a fix. 

“Lastly, while we do not have a timeline, we want to communicate that we have identified the primary cause leading to AMD performance problems and are now investigating solutions to resolve this issue", the team writes.  

God of War PC Update 1.0.5 Release Notes


  • In-game glyphs will now correctly correspond to the controller type selected in Steam 
  • Setting the DLSS Sharpening slider to 0 will now properly disable DLSS Sharpening 
  • Interactions between the game and the taskbar will now work correctly in Borderless Fullscreen 
  • Game audio should now mute when the application is in the background 
  • TAA will no longer causes blurriness when the Render Scale is below 100% 
  • Borderless Fullscreen mode will now not impact visibility in the Task Switcher (Alt+Tab) 
  • Correct UI elements will now be shown if an action is bound to the mouse wheel 
  • HDR brightness will no longer be impacted by SDR brightness settings 

New Features 

  • Option to minimize when focus is lost in Borderless Fullscreen 
  • Error message if the game is unable to open or write to a save file 
  • Precision mouse mode 

God of War is available now globally for both PC and PlayStation 4 (and PlayStation 5). The PC version was released last month, and Sony has already said that the port is a success. 

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