God Of War To Feature A Greater “Diversity Of Memorable Moments”

God Of War

The upcoming God Of War, the new entry in the series currently in development for PlayStation 4, promises to shake things up considerably, not only in the actual gameplay but also in the way the story will be presented. According to the game's creative director, there will be plenty of events that will touch players in different ways.

Speaking with Game Informer in a fresh interview, God Of War Creative Director Cory Barlog stated that the game will have a greater diversity of memorable moments, compared to past entries in the series. While the most memorable moments in previous games are mostly the same for all players, this will be different in the upcoming game, as even simple lines will have a bigger emotional impact.

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The memorable moments range from a single line spoken by one character who spoke strongly to them, to an epic moment that is sort of bombastic, to a moment that we didn’t even think was that epic, but they perceived it as being this most amazing epic thing.

In the same interview, Sony Santa Monica Studio Head Shannon Studstill also elaborated on the game's story and the decision to bring back Cory Barlog, with the team needing someone who truly knew the story and not just someone who thought they knew it.

I think you need to know the lineage. It’s a very deep storyline, and bringing in someone that understands that history is the respect the franchise deserves. We don’t want somebody that thinks they know the best next step, but someone who really truly embodies it.

God of War is currently in development for PlayStation 4 and it will release on a yet to be confirmed date.

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