Look Back On Happy Memories You Created This Year With Google Photos’ Smiles of 2017 Video Collage

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What better way to end our year than to look back on the happy memories, right? Well, Google also feels that users should look back on their happy moments in 2017, which is why it has included a new feature on Google Photos. You can now take a smiling memory trip down the lane by using opening Google Photos and selecting the new "Smiles of 2017" movie.

While some users have been able to see the feature from a week ago, most of the users are beginning to see it now. If you are not able to spot it yet, then you will have to wait for some time as such features often take some time before appearing for everyone. As the name suggests, it will only include the pictures of you or your friends smiling.

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This throwback feature may seem new, but it is not entirely new. In 2016, Google rolled out similar videos such as "Summer of Smiles." However, those videos were limited to select users. Smiles of 2017 videos seem to be rolling out to a majority of users.

Smiles of 2017 video is a lot like other Assistant-made video collages. The length could vary from 40 seconds to 60 seconds. Just like animated slideshows, the video uses standard Googe Photos music. So, don't wait up, open Google Photos on your desktop or mobile to get a glimpse of your happy memories from 2017.

Check the Assistant tab in Google Photos on desktop/mobile

If you are a part of the first phase of users who are getting the video, you will see a notification badge on the Assistant tab in Google Photos. Once you open the notification, the video will start processing, and then you will see it as a card in the Assistant tab. You can watch it there and even save it if you like it as much.

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