Give Your Apple Watch A Fresh Look With Supercharged Watch Faces


It's almost a year since Apple launched its wearable in the market. Owning it for about five months or so, I've always had mixed thoughts whether to ditch it or not. It's definitely a blessing when I'm attending classes, however, other times it does not seem that much important. Indeed the Apple Watch offers customization within Apple's set boundaries, but sometimes it does not offer as much. However, it seems that the wearable is about to get a lot more personalized with the launch of Facer.


Supercharge Your Watch Faces For A Pleasant Experience

Facer is an iOS app that does a lot more than just providing a few new watch faces for your Apple Watch. The platform offers a wide range of watch face customizations with 'stylish & chic images'. You can see a different watch face every time you turn your wrist. Moreover, you can not only select a live theme, but add a medium for a constant stream of new images from the source. You can sync your Instagram, Unsplash, Tumblr, Superfamous, Gratisography, Nasa, Vecteezy and many more accounts with the Apple Watch and get all the recent updates right on your watch face.


Facer is one of the most popular watch face platform in the world, bringing new content to your wrist. The app is finally available on the iOS App Store absolutely for free. If you're fed up from the stock watch faces on your Apple Watch and are looking for something to give your Apple Watch a makeover, supercharge it with Facer.


Some of the features part of the Facer app includes, a new watch face every time you turn your wrist. Moreover, easily sync your Instagram and Tumblr accounts and see images from your live news feed as your watch face. Be updated for what's happening around you right on your wrist. Officially licensed brand watch faces are also available that includes, Popeye, Garfield and Betty Boop. One of a kind themes and channels are also available, which are curated to provide you with the best photography, patterns, gorgeous art and many more.

Facer also gives you an option to design your own watch face if the ones included do not suit your taste. You can do this by going to The app is easy to set and get used to. There are a lot of other features part of the Facer app that you should try. Facer is definitely worth it and we would totally recommend you to install it for your Apple Watch.

This is it for now, folks. How often do you use your Apple Watch? Will you be giving Facer a whirl? Show your love in the comments.

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