Gingerbread update for T-Mobile G2 leaked. Download now!

Ammar Malik

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away HTC announced that their old Desire line up of Android smartphones would get the Gingerbread lovin' somewhere in the summer of 2011. Well we're dead set in the middle of it right now and it seems the update is imminent for T-Mobile G2 users. However, being the Android fans we are, getting anything 'officially' has never been in our blood and neither has getting it on time. The Gingerbread 2.3.3 update for G2 is leaked on the T-mobile forums (the irony!) and all set for you to download. A couple of notes about the update before you embark on flashing it:

- No 3-botton reset.

- Long pressing the camera buttom makes the phone vibrates.

- You cant root the phone once this is done. There's no way to downgrade again to 2.2.

- Some people had reported problems with their backlight keyboard (I dont have any)


- Better radio (No, not AM/FM radio)

- Better audio codecs

- Faster boot up... (under 30 seconds on my phone)

- Faster response.

- Better GUI

- Bug Fix on bluetooth and Wifi.



- Download the file.

- Save it on you SD card on the Root, not on a folder.

- turn your device off and then on by holding power on and volume button together. This will boot you into t-Mobile G2 bootloader.

- once your device boots into the bootloader, it will automatically search and detect PC10IMG.ZIP file. Please remain patient as this can take some time.

- Once it detects and scans the file, you will need to press the volume up button on your phone to restore you device. This will again take 5 to 10 minutes so patience is advised. During this process, the phone will reboot and and resume installation of stock firmware.

- Once the flashing / installation is complete, press the power button in order to reboot.

- Once you have completed all these steps, connect your phone again to the computer, mount SD card and delete PC10IMG.ZIP file.

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