New Gigabyte board delivers up to 1500W of CPU-Power!!!!

Gigabyte recently released an Inte X58 chipset based UD-9 model motherboard, the new board had some features which were present to the average computer user such as "Unlocked Power" with full 24 power phases, dual power switching, and 4-way graphics support for both SLI and CrossFireX and some features which kept users in the dark; for example the ability to give your $300+ processor a whooping 1500 Watts of power which will lead to more higher levels of overclocking this new system can either help you reach new lengths with your system such as 8Ghz and beyond or it could cook your precious i7 980X like an egg.

Gigabyte also revealed two more overclocking features, both of which make things more convenient than ever. The first feature is called HotKey OC, which allows the user to switch between different bus speeds, multipliers and voltages at the press of a button (Sort of like Turbo Boost). This comes in useful when you are using a CPU or GPU intensive program and you don't want to make a trip to your BIOS to set the higher clocks. The last feature mentioned was Cloud OC, Some of the Gigabyte motherboards have a basic web server so that you can log in from another computer or mobile device, such as your smartphone, and you can tweak your overclocking settings externally. This will be useful when you're running a full-screen app and you don't want to quit just to change a few things to make them run better.

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