PlayStation 4 Pro Enhanced Ghost Recon Wildlands, Steep Confirmed


During yesterday's PlayStation Meeting, it's been confirmed that two Ubisoft soon to be released titles, Watch Dogs 2 and For Honor, will be enhanced for the PlayStation 4 Pro console. Today, the European publisher confirmed two more titles that will be enhanced for the new Sony console.

Speaking to VideoGamer, Ubisoft has confirmed that Ghost Recon Wildlands and Steep will both be enhanced for the PlayStation 4 Pro. No specific has been released, but it won't take too long to learn more about the matter, considering Steep launches in a few months on PC and consoles.

Ghost Recon Wildlands certainly looks impressive, even without any PlayStation 4 Pro enhancement, as seen in the E3 2016 trailer released a few months back. The game promises to be the largest Ubisoft action adventure game ever, with players having the ability to enjoy the game solo or with three other players, with a huge degree of freedom which should make things quite interesting.

Steep is definitely one of the more unique games releasing this year on consoles and PC. While the game will be a sports game at heart, Steep will also come with features that might appeal to those who aren't exactly into the genre, such as exploration features and more. The Ubisoft game will also come with some interesting multiplayer features that will definitely enhance the experience considerably. You can learn more about the game by checking out our hands-on preview from last month.

Steep Launches on December 2nd on PC, PlayStation 4 consoles and Xbox One, while Ghost Recon Wildlands will launch next year on the same formats. We will let you know more about the PlayStation 4 Pro enhancements both games will receive as soon as more comes in on them, so stay tuned for all the latest news.