Ghost Recon Breakpoint Is Getting Splinter Cell-Themed Missions and Vulkan API on PC


A big Ghost Recon Breakpoint update is coming on Tuesday, March 24th. It will introduce the 'immersive mode' as we've previously reported, but Ubisoft also revealed two additional items of interest.

The first is Episode 2 'Deep State', a new Splinter-Cell themed set of missions which should slightly sate Sam Fisher's fans while we wait for a proper new game in that franchise.

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This engrossing experience will contain 7+ hours of new content, filled with 8 Story Missions and 10 exclusive Splinter Cell-themed rewards. Packed with consistent and stealth-focused gameplay, this compelling narrative provides an engrossing experience alongside a fan favorite face. The Deep State Adventure is paid content, but the first mission is free for all players, the rest of the content will be accessible for all Y1 owners and available to purchase in the Store for 1900 Ghost Coins.

Episode 2 will also come with two new classes, a bunch of new maps and features in Ghost War.

Additionally, Ghost Recon Breakpoint on PC is also getting the low-level Vulkan API from Khronos Group. This should provide increased performance (very much needed, considering how taxing the game is under DX11) to a number of configurations.


Using dedicated data transfer hardware in your GPU, Vulkan allows us to stream textures much faster than previously possible while improving the smoothness of your gameplay, especially when using high-quality texture settings.


Thanks to powerful memory control provided by the API, dynamic data used to update graphical state is heavily optimized for multi-threaded usage and has a small memory footprint – boosting your CPU frame times while reducing memory fragmentation.


On newer GPU architectures where this feature is supported, the Vulkan renderer will automatically run more graphic work in parallel, reducing the GPU frame times and increasing framerate.


Q: What happens if I can no longer start Ghost Recon Breakpoint on the Vulkan exe?

  • Delete the GRB.ini video and graphic settings file (located in C:\Users.....\Documents\My Games\Ghost Recon Breakpoint folder)
  • Verify your game files in Uplay and try again.

Q: Are the system requirements for Ghost Recon Breakpoint the same on Vulkan?
A: Yes, DX11 and Vulkan system requirements are the same. We recommend, though, having a Vulkan-ready graphics card with at least 4GB of VRAM.