Genshin Impact Shows Off Sumeru’s Jungle and Desert Regions and Several New Characters

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact version 3.0, which introduces the all-new Sumeru region and the plant-themed Dendro element, will arrive within the next few weeks, and HoYoverse is continuing to tease the big update. First up, you can check out an in-depth look at the Dendro element, below.

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Next up, here’s a look at the world and fauna of Sumeru itself, including its desert region we haven’t seen much of previously.

But this is Genshin Impact, so what do we care most about? New characters, of course! HoYoverse has already teased a number of Sumeru-region characters, including the ranger Collei, forest watcher Tighnari, and merchant Dori, but toward the end of the video below, a number of additional characters are showcased. The game provides another look at Tighnari, but we also get reveals for Alhaitham, Dehya, Nilou, Nahida, and Cyno. Some of these characters have been leaked already, but this is our first official look at them.

Here's a bit more detail about each of the new characters...

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Alhaitham is a researcher from the Sumeru Akademiya who you'll meet in Port Ormos.

Genshin Impact

Dehya is a mercenary who hails from the desert-based Eremite people.

Nilou is a dancer who rejects the rationality typically valued in Sumeru.

Nahida is simply described as a "mysterious girl."

Genshin Impact

Cyno is described as the "General Mahamtra," whatever that might mean.

Not a bad collection of new faces. Now, all of these characters won't show up with update 3.0, as Genshin will continue to focus on the Sumeru region for several updates. Expect these characters, and the already-revealed Collei and Dori, to be rolled out over the course of several updates. There are almost certainly some Sumeru characters we haven't seen yet as well.

Genshin Impact is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, and mobile devices. The game’s most recent update, version 2.8, launched on July 13. It seems likely HoYoverse will skip a 2.9 update, in which case, update 3.0 will arrive on August 24. If 2.9 isn't skipped, expect 3.0 to arrive in early October.

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