Genesis Releases the Selen 400 Wireless Gaming Headset

Evan Federowicz
Selen 400
Source: Genesis

The Selen 400 Wireless gaming headset offers widespread compatibility supporting PC, Nintendo Switch, and Playstation 4 consoles. The Selen 400 headset is stated to have a battery life of up to fifteen hours, allowing gamers to easily play for over half a day without needing to recharge. This headset is currently available for purchase through the Genesis website and having a price of $89.

The Selen 400 gaming headset features a unique red and black design offering a higher level of comfort and has a price tag of $89

The Selen 400 gaming headset offers a unique design, featuring a red and black color scheme. This headset also gives easy mobility thanks to the lighter weight and the durable construction made of the highest quality materials. These materials include a plastic covering and an aluminum headband to ensure durability. The durable headband uses foam covered in premium leather to ensure a flawless look and a high comfort level for gamers. The headband of the Selen 400 gaming headset can adjust to any head shape.

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Source: Genesis

This headset features 50 mm drivers in each ear, and Stereo 2.0 technology offers a deep and clear sound that will allow the gamers to hear the surrounding enemies. This headset offers a wide frequency range of 20 Hz up to 20,000 Hz providing an accurate reproduction of sounds. This headset is equipped with a long-life battery, which can offer up to fifteen hours on a single charge, allowing over half a day of play without the need to connect the headset to the charging cord.

Wireless Receiver
Source: Genesis

The Selen 400 gaming headset is a completely wireless headset that offers support for the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PCs. Gamers won't need to limit themselves to one device, and the support for the Nintendo Switch allows gamers to use this headset wherever they want.

This headset uses incredibly soft earpieces that have been covered with premium leather, and these earpieces are designed to reduce the feeling of pressure while isolating sounds from the surroundings. Allowing gamers to focus on the sounds coming from the game only enables a higher level of immersion compared to other gaming headsets.

Genesis's Selen 400 gaming headset is currently available for purchase through the Genesis website, and this headset has a price of $89.

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