GELID Announces Availibility Of Gamer Series GX-7 CPU Cooler

Sabeeh Qureshi

GELID Solution has announced the availability of a new CPU cooler in its GAMER product line referred to as the GX-7 CPU cooler that has a radically new thermal cooling design with 7 power heat pipes.

On standard CPU coolers available in the market today, we find all the heatpipes placed in a line on the CPU block whereas this has 5 placed in a line and two on top of the middle to maximize it’s thermal cooling ability as you can see for yourself in the image below.

The GX-7 cooler also features a further V-shaped heat sink that allows airflow to spread more evenly resulting in more effective ventilation and elimination of hotspots. The cooler also comes standard with a Wing 12 PL Blue LED fan that can have its impeller detached for easier cleaning.

Additionally, mounting clips for AMD AM2, AM2+, AM3, AM3+, FM1 and for Intel 775, 1366 and latest 1155 &1156 sockets as same as back plates for Intel LGA 775, Core i3,Core i5 and Core i7 boards are all included in the package.

The cooler can be bought now for around 65 US Dollars.

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