Gears of War 4 Beta is a ‘Real Beta’, BC Codes Problem Explained

Mat Growcott
Gears of War 4

It's becoming increasingly common for a multiplayer beta to effectively just be a demo for an upcoming game. The developers won't change anything based on complaints, and it'll probably be weeks or even months before even the slightest things are changed. That won't be the case with the Gears of War 4 beta, details of which were released today.

The beta, which is set to begin next month, is already being released quite a few months ahead of release - always a good sign.

But just for anybody still concerned,  Coalition Director of Community Adam Fletcher took to Neogaf to confirm the developers would definitely be looking at the results of the beta.

Because we actually are using the term 'beta' as a real 'beta' This isn't a demo.

We are looking for feedback so we can make changes before launch. We are also testing our back end

He also shared a little titbit about some of the problems concerning the Gears of War backwards compatibility codes - which came with the Ultimate Edition released last year.

While Adam's business is making Coalition look good, it'd still be an interesting explanation for those that struggled to get a hold of their digital downloads.

We found most if not all users that had to request keys due to having incorrect account credentials. (ie: set Birthdates to 1800's, etc)

It's a common mistake due to XBL accounts being made so many years ago from many users and people skipping through standard registration processes.

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