GameStop Moving to Reopen Stores Forced to Close Due to COVID-19 Lockdowns


GameStop has done a lot to damage their already-tarnished public image during the COVID-19 pandemic. The struggling retailer initially failed to provide individual stores with adequate guidance or supplies to deal with the virus, and later tried to get themselves classified as an “essential” retailer, so they could continue to operate amid pandemic lockdowns. Eventually they relented, closing approximately a third of their stores temporarily, with the other two-thirds moving to curbside pickup. Well, apparently, GameStop is already moving to reopen those few stores they were forced to close.

This information is included in a larger update on GameStop’s COVID-19 plans. The main revelations are that company management and execs are receiving pay cuts, some support staff may be laid off, and, yes, stores are being reopened…

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Approximately one-third of U.S. stores locations remain closed, with two-thirds of stores closed to customers but available for curbside pick-up. The Company has begun the process of re-opening stores in Italy, Germany, Austria and the states of South Carolina and Georgia and is preparing for the potential to re-open in other operating countries and states in the coming weeks.

All of the countries and states listed by GameStop have recently announced plans to ease COVID-19 restrictions, although most are still moving slowly, and with caution. That said, you should probably expect GameStop to be one of the first things to reopen anywhere they’ve been forced to close. And why is GameStop so eager to reopen? Well, despite big sales of games like Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Resident Evil 3, the chain’s sales are still down 23 percent year-on-year for the nine-week period ending April 4, largely due to the shuttered stores.

At this point, I think we just have to accept that GameStop is going to GameStop. Do stay safe as stores open up again – grabbing that new game isn’t worth your health!