GameStop User Data Leak Claimed to be Test; “Addresses and Names were Not Actual Customer Data”

Ule Lopez

Yesterday, alarming reports surfaced of a customer data leak from GameStop, which saw various users seeing other customer data, including addresses and even credit card information. Now, the GameStop Customer Care team has responded to the issue, claiming that the data found by users was part of a test... Sure.

So, where did this start? Several users reported customer information potentially being leaked to other customers who were shopping during Black Friday. All they had to do was constantly refresh their information. Doing so will allow them to see names, orders, addresses, and potentially even credit card information for other GameStop users.

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Here's a report from Twitter showcasing the issue:

And now, GameStop has responded with a rather "Believable" account that states that the user data that kept popping up for users is actually data created by GameStop employees. This data by no means is meant to be taken as real and only belongs to a test. Why does some of this "Fake data" still happen to have real addresses? Don't question it.

Here's the statement by GameStop's Customer Care Team to VGC:

This was immediately fixed the same day it took place. This was test data created by our teams, not actual customer data.

It didn't even take minutes before VGC's Andy Robinson got flooded with claims that some of the addresses and customer information were, indeed, real.

Of course, this is just piling onto GameStop's list of woes since Black Friday's start. As for what this data involves, it was determined that users had access to other users' phone numbers, addresses, and order histories. This probably brought back some war flashbacks to Bethesda users during the launch of Fallout 76. It is heavily suggested that users check their GameStop accounts and make sure to watch out for unrecognized purchases.

As of now, the issue has seemingly been fixed. However, we'll continue to report on this story as it is developed.

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