GameStop is Unprepared for COVID-19, Stores Reportedly Not Properly Sanitized


As the ever-evolving coronavirus crisis unfolds, people in many areas are preparing for the day when most non-essential businesses will made to close their doors. Given what’s likely coming, many might be thinking about popping into GameStop to grab a few games before the shutdown, but a new report might make you reconsider.

According to a number of GameStop employees speaking on Reddit and to Kotaku, GameStop does have an official strategy for protecting customers, which includes sanitizing all stores and encouraging sick employees to stay home, but it isn’t actually being followed. Cleaning supplies and hand-sanitizer is on back order, so employees are having to buy it themselves out of pocket, and, of course, in many places those products are already hard to find. Here’s what one employee had to say about the situation…

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Thus far I’ve seen little to no measures taken from corporate, and I’ve certainly haven’t seen any supplies to prevent further outbreak. My colleagues and I are sharing a small bottle of hand sanitizer that was purchased through our own pockets as well as making as much usage out of a depleting bottle of All Purpose Cleaner. We were only just given permission to turn off console demos yesterday and my cleaning supplies have been back ordered for two months. As far as more immediate measures go, the stores in my area have received nothing.

Oh, and the bit about sick employees staying home? That’s not happening either.

Many associates are fearing losing their jobs because Store Leaders or District Leaders are telling us internally that if we stay home and do not supply a doctor’s note verifying we are being ‘doctor ordered to NOT work’ it will be an unexcused absence.

Update: GameStop has cancelled midnight launches and in-store events, but will not be closing stores. They have not responded directly to accusations from employees.

So yeah, maybe steer clear of GameStop if you want to stay healthy. Unfortunately, as we’ve reported, online services are already being strained by coronavirus quarantines, so downloading games might not always be an option either. Right now, it seems like ordering physical games to your house may be your best option – of course, GameStop does deliver if you still want to give them your business.

How are you planning to get your games during the COVID-19 pandemic?