GameStop Finally Moves to Curbside Pickup Due to COVID-19, UK’s GAME Closes as Well [Update]

Nathan Birch

Update: GAME has seemingly closed their doors as well as of the end of today (March 23). Their website has been updated with the following message -- "We are currently open as normal online. The safety of out customers and colleagues is paramount, so we have temporarily closed our stores." The new UK lockdown ordered today likely gave the retailer no choice.

Original story: Struggling video game retailer GameStop has not exactly acquitted themselves well during the coronavirus crisis. Last week there were widespread reports GameStops weren’t being provided with proper sanitization supplies and employees were still feeling pressure to go into work when sick, and then came the news GameStop was attempting to present itself as “essential retail” in order to stay open during the pandemic. Sure, yeah, grocery stores, drug stores, and…GameStop. All on the same level of importance.

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Well, it seems GameStop brass have realized how absolutely sociopathic they’ve come off over the past week, and have finally closed their doors (after racking up big Doom Eternal and Animal Crossing sales). GameStop locations have now moved to a “Delivery at Door” system. Basically, you order your games online, then can go to a GameStop location and have them delivered to you at curbside. Here’s a basic rundown of how it works (click the image for full resolution).

For now, GameStop’s used game business is suspended and you won’t be able to return games, so keep that in mind before you buy. So yeah, it took too long, but at least GameStop finally seems to be doing the right thing, which is more than can be said for the UK’s own struggling video game retail chain, GAME. As of this writing, GAME’s website still proudly announces its “business as usual,” with stores still being open. According to a report from Eurogamer, GAME employees are hoping the chain will shut down soon, but suspect it won’t happen until they’re forced to by law…

As of right now we are still expected to go in but we are hoping today might be the day. With everywhere else on the high street just about shut there isn't much else open besides GAME. It feels now that we are relying on the Government to step in before it gets out of hand.

Of course, the UK has been somewhat slow to react to COVID-19 in general, so GAME staying open a bit longer than GameStop is perhaps not surprising. That said, both chains have earned themselves a lot of bad karma during a time when other retailers, by and large, have been doing the right thing.

As always, stay safe out there. Grabbing that new game isn’t worth your health.

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