GameStop/EB Games Canada Details COVID PS5 Pickup Protocols, More Stock on Sale Launch Day


Tomorrow marks the launch of the PlayStation 5 in Canada, but unfortunately, what should be a fun day is somewhat sullied by a second major COVID-19 wave making its way across much of the country. Certain areas, including Manitoba and Toronto, are enacting harsh new restrictions that may make picking up your PS5 complicated depending on where you ordered from. Businesses like Walmart, Best Buy, and The Source are deemed “essential” and will remain open for business (and new console pickups), but what about GameStop and EB Games?

Well, the GameStop/EB Games Twitter account has detailed exactly how pre-order pickups will be handled in Canada. Stores will be calling those who pre-ordered and arranging appointments for pickups, which should eliminate big, potentially-risky lineups and allow people to get their PS5s in places where non-essential businesses are facing a shutdown.

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Oh, and GameStop/EB Games will also be selling more PS5s online tomorrow (November 12) starting at 11am ET. Keep a close eye on the EB Games PS5 landing page and get ready to strike.

The PlayStation 5 launches on November 12 in Canada. What are your plans for launch day fellow Canucks?