Game of Thrones Cinematographer Is Head Over Heels for LG V30 Camera

Game of Thrones cinematographer loves LG V30

You know you’ve nailed the optics of your smartphone when the Game of Thrones cinematographer has nothing but praise for it. Aside from this, the LG V30 has other very important features that upgrade the user’s ability to shoot both video and a flurry of images.

Game of Thrones Cinematographer Praises the LG V30’s Cine Video Mode and Speaks Volumes of the Software Side of the Flagship

David Franco, while scouting for Game of Throne’s last season’s location in Iceland took out time to talk to Adweek and how he got his hands on the brand new LG V30. Franco claims that without a DSLR or camcorder, he never managed to obtain a high-quality of video results on a smartphone, but his impressions changed when the started using the V30.

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“Like anyone else, I have my smartphone with me at all times. But without a DSLR or camcorder, I never got that high-quality with my smartphone, so I was really impressed with the V30 when I first tried it out. I got the chance to shoot the things that inspire me in my daily life—nature, my kids, exploring local areas—with the V30, earlier than anyone else.”

Not only does he praise the camera hardware, but the software part of the phone too.

“In terms of my process when shooting this video, I was able to combine my professional background with the phone’s video capabilities. For example, the V30’s Cine Video Mode takes care of coloration with Cine Effect. This makes it a piece of cake to select the right color scheme, depending upon your scenery and what kind of mood you want to impart in the moment. You can also control the intensity of the colors and even give it a vignette effect.”

If that was not impressive enough, LG will also be giving a 2-year warranty with the purchase of its V30, even though the offer is only going to be limited to U.S. customers. To recap on the phone’s hardware, the rear camera has the highest aperture value in a smartphone of F/1.6, meaning more light will be able to enter the lens and result in better looking low-light images.

With the cinematographer praising the flagship, are you ready for an upgrade? Tell us your thoughts down in the comments.

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