Galaxy Z Fold 2 Aston Martin Racing Edition Will Most Certainly Make Your Standard Version Feel Insignificant


A Galaxy Z Fold 2 already in your possession meant that you were one of the lucky few with the means to get your hands on a handset whose price tag alone would have made Apple blush. Then again, why would Samsung stop here, when it can showcase an even more premium model called the Galaxy Z Fold 2 Aston Martin Racing Edition? Yes, that is right. It’s not just the Galaxy Z Fold 2 Thom Browne Edition that’ll make you envious, it’s this version too.

Unfortunately, the Galaxy Z Fold 2 Aston Martin Racing Edition Is Limited to China and Costs a Heck of a Lot More

Even if you could splurge the money to get your hands on the Galaxy Z Fold 2 Aston Martin Racing Edition, sometimes, it’s all about availability and not the price. That’s because this special version is exclusive to China, so if you’re resourceful enough to reach there, then you’ll be able to purchase this model, otherwise, you’ll be out of luck. One more thing, don’t think Samsung is going to go easy on you when it comes to purchasing one of these. If you thought that the $1,999 price tag for the foldable flagship was ridiculous, wait till you read how much this one costs.

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The Galaxy Z Fold 2 Aston Martin Racing Edition will set you back by a mammoth 20,999 yuan (using direct currency conversion, this brings us to $3,139). You’ll also get 12GB of LPDDR5 RAM coupled with 512GB of speedy UFS 3.1 storage. Since this is the special edition, you’ll also be entitled to receive a few freebies thanks to the collaboration of Samsung and Aston Martin.

You’ll get a Galaxy Watch 3 LTE, a limited edition T-shirt and cap, and a special edition case for the phone. Other than that, you get the Galaxy Z Fold 2, but surprisingly, from what we can tell from the pictures, there aren’t any embellished decorations or design changes present on this version.

Regardless, the Galaxy Z Fold 2 Aston Martin Racing Edition is being sold via Tmall in China. If you’ve already booked one, do note that orders will ship from November 6. Apart from that, Samsung hasn’t updated us on the availability of this model in other regions, so you’ll have to keep your fingers crossed for that.