Galaxy Z Flip 3 Is Most Popular Smartphone in Samsung’s Home Market – No iPhone 13 Present in the Charts

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Galaxy Z Flip 3 Is Most Popular Smartphone in Samsung’s Home Market - No iPhone 13 Present in the Charts

Whatever smartphone Samsung releases on its home turf tends to do exceptionally well, and since the company has banked in on the foldable handset train, we can see this technology getting a higher adoption rate, leading to possibly more affordable devices in the near future. Where several models have attained a high popularity in the region, the Galaxy Z Flip 3 has sold in droves, likely due to its competitive pricing for a smartphone sporting this form factor.

The Only iPhone That Ended in the List of Popular Smartphones in South Korea Was the iPhone 12

With LG having exited the smartphone business altogether, Samsung managed to absorb whatever market share its competitor left and increased its grip in South Korea further. According to the latest data from Counterpoint Research, Samsung accounts for 85 percent of the smartphone market in South Korea for Q3, 2021, with Apple’s market share declining from 13 percent to 12 percent during the same period.

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During this quarter, the Galaxy Z Flip 3 was the most popular model, followed by the Galaxy S21, Galaxy A32, and the pricey Galaxy Z Fold 3. Despite Apple’s iPhone range taking the world by storm, as well as the company’s ambitious goal to reportedly aim for 300 shipments in 2022, the technology giant has not replicated the same success on Samsung’s home market. One model did make the cut, but it was last year’s iPhone 12, and it secured second-last place, which is an unimpressive feat.

One reason why Apple has not been able to penetrate Samsung’s defenses yet could be due to the ongoing chip shortage, which is preventing iPhone 13 supply to be readily available. Apple CEO Tim Cook earlier stated during the company’s latest earnings call that the company is doing everything in its power that demand is met, so we will have to recheck these stats in a future report to see if Apple’s market share saw any growth in the region.

Of course, Samsung is not going to sit idly by and intends on increasing foldable smartphone production next year, which is expected to create even more problems for Apple in South Korea.

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