Galaxy Tab S3 Manual Leak Shows More Functions Than Your Average High-Performing Tablet


We’ve all heard great things about the Galaxy Tab S3 and the fact that it is running powerful hardware means that it might just end up being the ideal notebook substitute for you to mix both pleasure and work. However, having powerful hardware isn’t the only solution, since the interface and software also play a pivotal role in making sure that you’re not giving up a ton of functionality on the tablet while carrying out both work and play-related activities.

The leaked manual of the Galaxy Tab S3 shows that users might actually get access to that sort of functionality and because they will be getting a pen accessory, it should add up to be a nice little bonus.

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User Manual for Galaxy Tab S3 Shows a Slew of Features Including a Port to Help You Dock a Keyboard Accessory

Never have you seen a keyboard dock for a Samsung tablet (via Galaxy Club), but the Galaxy Tab S3 might actually provide support for it if you take a look at the images. However, and what you’re about to read is just my personal preference but I feel that I speak for everyone when I say that the kickstand keyboard accessory should not be included.

Instead, a magnetic-stand keyboard (the one that used to come with the Pixel C) should be included because not only can you tuck if up nicely to cover the display, but you can change the viewing angles of the tablet while it is connected without having to place it on a flat or even surface. The leaked manual also suggests that features present on the Galaxy Note series might make their way to the Galaxy Tab S3 and that happens to be the ‘Screen off memo’. With this little addition, you will be able to write on the display without actually having to turn it on.

The upgraded slate is said to feature a Snapdragon 820 coupled with 4GB of RAM. The rumored 9.7-inch screen size with a resolution of 2048 x 1536 should be more than enough to help you carry out the desired work and entertainment sessions that you intended to.