Things Speed Up On The Galaxy Tab S2 As Samsung Starts Device Testing

Samsung already seems to be on the way towards manufacturing and testing its Galaxy Tab S2. The Galaxy Tab S2 has been popping up here and there and thanks to these numerous leaks, we have a rough idea of what the tablet can be expected to offer. The company is looking to directly target Apple's iPad Air 2 with the Galaxy Tab S2, as the device is rumored to be thinner, with a width of only 5.4 mm. Its also expected to come in two screen size variants of 8 and 10 inches respectively. Apple's iPad Air 2, if you've forgotten, measures 6.1 mm in width, which itself is pretty impressive.

Samsung Tests And Destroys The Galaxy Tab S2 In India

India's Zauba, which is the site that lists all items being imported and exported to and from the country has listed the Galaxy Tab S2 in its database. According to Zauba, Samsung seems to be testing its tablet upgrade in that corner of the world and has recently imported just one unit of the Galaxy Tab S2 in the country. That unit of the Galaxy tab S2 has also been scheduled for destruction after testing is complete. As you know, Zauba also lists the inherent value of all items entering and exiting the country, and this testing variant of the Galaxy Tab S2 has been listed with a price tag of 15,857 Indian Rupees, that convert into $252.

This shouldn't be taken to be close to the final price of Samsung's gadget, as the cost listed here is most likely a measure of internal costs incurred by Samsung. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 is expected to come equipped with Samsung's latest 14nm Exynos 7420 and will come with battery sizes of 5840 and 3580 mAh for the 10 and 8 inch variants. Both the variants are also expected to feature 3 GB of RAM and rear/front cameras of 8 and 2.1 MP. A metal frame is also expected to make it on board, which falls in line with Samsung's recent shift towards high end quality and feel. We've also seen benchmarks of the Galaxy Tab S2 leak, and you can take a look at them here and let us know what you think in the comments section.

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