Samsung Brushes off ‘Red Tint’ Issue on Galaxy S8 as Nature of Super AMOLED

fix galaxy s8 reboot issue
The issue appears to be widespread; replacement units also affected

Samsung's latest flagships - the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ have been topping the charts for all the wrong reasons. Regardless of their fine build and outstanding features, both the devices have been plagued by issues, some of which have been fixed via an update but some are still sticking around. One such issue is the "red tint" on display, which was reported as a defect by many Galaxy S8 and S8+ users

In a statement given to The Investor, The South Korean giant said that,“due to the nature of Super AMOLED displays, there can be natural differences in color” . Therefore, users must not take it as a defect. To recap, many users reported that their Galaxy S8 unit has a distinct red tint that does not go even by adjusting colors. The tint appears worse in some spots of the display.

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One of the Galaxy S8 users, Erica Griffin, took to Twitter for reporting the issue with her S8 unit. She wrote,"Why my #GalaxyS8 red tint can't be fixed: because the display has blotches of red. Sides look normal. Adjusting sliders affects normal parts". Not just Erica, there are many S8 users complaining about the same display issue.

While the statement by Samsung stands true to some extent, the issue does seem like a bigger one. Last week, the company promised a software update to fix it as well just like the DQA bug that it has fixed by releasing a critical update. The update for the red tint issue was supposed to fix the problem by granting more control to users for adjusting colors on the display.

We wonder if a software update will be able to fix the issue as promised by Samsung. By offering more control to the users, there are fair chances that users might get rid of the red tint. It remains to be seen if Samsung successfully wipes out all the issues surfacing on the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+.

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