[Update] Samsung Rolls Out Software Patch to Help Fix the Red Tinted Galaxy S8 Display

fix galaxy s8 reboot issue
The issue appears to be widespread; replacement units also affected

[Update]: The software fix is now rolling out to Galaxy S8 and S8+ on T-Mobile.

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Originally posted on April 24, 2017:

Galaxy S8+ features the same battery capacity and specifications of the ill-fated and defunct Note7 and although there are no fiery explosions taking place, the display of the phone gives off a red tint, and it is definitely noticeable for some early adopters of the flagship. Samsung acknowledged that this was not a hardware issue and it looks like the company was true to its word as it is planning a software patch that will help get rid of this issue once and for all.

After Listening to Customer Feedback, Samsung Has Decided to Give Them the Treatment They Deserve – Wi-Fi Fix Will Also Be Released

In addition to patching up the display problem, users also reported that Wi-Fi reception on the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ was very poor. The Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ are beautiful devices and to see them emanate these problems do not give justice to consumers who spent a great deal of money and effort to get their hands on them. Samsung has recognized this struggle and has therefore decided to give them what they deserve.

According to Consumer Reports, Samsung will be releasing a software update to get rid of the red tint.

“Samsung has listened to feedback and has decided to release a software update as early as next week which will provide customers with a further enhanced ability to adjust the color setting to their preference.”

However, customers who want to get rid of the issue straight away will have to dive deep into the display menu and make the necessary changes from there. If you are unfamiliar with these settings, then we strongly suggest that you wait for the software update.

Samsung has definitely done the right thing catering to the needs of customers and this level of service should continue by the tech giant.

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